Jan 27 – Day in Nairobi

Today was a day to explore Nairobi.  Peter, the driver I first met at the airport on Sunday, took me around the Nairobi area, including the city center and to two wild life refugees.    One is for orphaned baby elephants.   The other is for giraffes.   Although this was hardly a safari trip it was a pleasure to see these two creatures.    The baby elephants were cute in their own way.   They seemed to be in a low stress mode and liked being touched by the visitors.    The giraffes were simply elegant.    They are such a graceful creature.   


After visiting the two animal refugees we drove in the city center of Nairobi.    So what can I say.  A city is a city is a city.   It was busy, crowded and congested with traffic.   No surprise their.   Even so, it was good to see.   Kenya does seem to be a fairly progressive country in this part of the world.   They have a lot of paved roads and also highways around the city.   Even so, traffic is a big problem here.   Peter and I picked a time to travel around the city that would avoid the major commuter traffic hours so we would not get caught up in long lines of cars and grid lock traffic.


After driving through the city, Peter brought me to a popular restaurant for lunch.  It is called “Carnivore”.   As the title suggests, it all about meat.  Vegetarians need not come.  You won’t find anything on the menu you like.   In fact there is no menu.  You get soup, salad and meat; lots of meat!   The waiters come around to your table and carve pieces of meat for you.  Let’s see, there was beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and a few others that I can’t remember.   It was a big lunch for me, but I’m happy with that as I’ll probably not get much for dinner tonight.



I’m now back at the hotel at about 3:15 PM (7:15 AM East Coast US time).   I’ve got a late check out (7 PM) so I’m just taking it easy.   I’ll take a shower soon and take a nap to store up some energy for the long trip home.   I’m glad that this trip has gone along perfectly with no interruptions or drama.    I’m thankful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity to experience a little bit of Kenyan culture and to hopefully have an impact on the computer lab project at Bishop Okullu College.    



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