Bill Schrull

9-30-2018 In.Dubai

OK.  So we are in Dubai now.  Cathy will start writting in this blog soon.   I’ll be writing in our so stop by both of these sites over the next two weeks.  



@ Home – Remembrances

This is my final page for this trip.     It was a perfect trip in so many ways.

Packing Thin Clients etc.

At JFK Airport

Arriving in Nairobi
Coffee at the Eka Hotel

Arriving in Kisumu
In Kisumu
Kenya Country Side
Climbing the Hill
Breakfast of Champions
Shopping in Downtown Kisumu
My helpful friend Nick
Arriving at Bishop Okullu College
Lillian and Bon – Unpacking

First stations setup
Installing Antenna
Lake Victoria
Across the Lake view

Wedding moments
My Humble Hut
My bed in the humble hut
Nick and I at the Airtel store
Riding Bus in Kisumu
Mother’s Union Sunday

Back in Dubai

I in Dubai International Airport now, waiting for my next flight to New York.   It boards at 2 PM, and it midnight now, so I have a couple more hours to relax at the Marhaba lounge.   It’s part of the Priority Pass network that I joined a few years back, which gives you access to lounges at many major airports, including in Nairobi, which I also made use of before the flight from there.


I probably look a little beat, but I did have a good flight from Nairobi.   I was able to get a Business Class upgrade so I could get a seat that lays flat for resting.    That really helps a lot on long trips like this.   It’s back to Economy for my next flight, but I hope I made a good choice of seats there.    During the flight, I plan to add one more page with pictures of rememberance of the trip to view.   I probably won’t post it till I get home.  The flight does have wifi Internet, but is really slow.


That’s it for now.   Time to get a little more rest before the flight.   See yah!