Jan 2017 – Kisumu, Kenya

Jan 21 – Ready to go!

All set to go to Kisumu, Kenya.   Some of you have asked how this trip came about.   It started with an E-mail message that came from Rev. David Kodia, the principal of Bishop Okullu College to Rt. Rev. Ian Douglas, Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.  He forwarded the E-mail to me since I’m the chairperson for a diocesan committee called Companions in Mission for Publishing and Communications, AKA CMPC.    The e-mail was an inquiry and request for funding to setup a computer lab and network for the students of the college.   I put two plus two together, mainly that I have experience and expertise in doing this type of work based on the years of working with Kasulu Bible College in Kasulu Tanzania (now known as Lake Tanganyika Theological College –  say that ten times fast!).   I’ve been supporting their computer lab for over 11 years.    It did not take long for me to figure that the folks at Bishop Okullu College could use some help in figuring out what would be the best setup for their lab, so I volunteered to travel there and meet with them to offer my services in any way that I can to help them reach their goal.


So I’m here today at JFK waiting for the first flight out to Dubai of a three flight journey to Kisumu.   I’d appreciate your prayers as I travel and meet with the leadership of BOC this week.   I’m looking forward to meeting with them and visiting and seeing the Kisumu area of Kenya.