Saturday – We have the Meats!!

I’m in Nairobi now.   I arrived yesterday.    I’ll be leaving Nairobi for Dubai in about 5 hours.    I should arrive home at JFK airport about the time you all will be getting up on Sunday morning.    


Last night I had dinner at a place I have been to on my previous trip here in 2017.    It’s called Carnivore.  You guest it.  Vegetarians need not apply.   It’s a place that is pretty much all meat.   Meat of all kinds; Beef, pork, chicken and Lamb.   Those are the everyday entries on the menu.   You’ve not had anything until you tried the ostrich and chrocodile.   Hey!   It’s only fair.   If I was to fall into the Mara river, a chroc would certainly make a meal out of me.    


So for now, I’m just waiting at my hotel room and will check out at 1:30 PM and make my way to the airport at 2PM.    It’s feels sad to leave.  Two weeks just goes by so quickly when you are working on a project as I was.   But I’m also glad to be started back home.   I will be great to get back to Cathy, our cats and see Alex, Abbie and Evelyn (our grand daughter) soon as well.   


Overall I’m pleased at how the thin client network went together.   I think it will give the students and staff at Bishop Okullu College many years of good service.     


Next on the ministry agenda is a trip to Kasulu, Tanzania in September.   I miss my friend in Kasulu at the Diocese of Western Tanganyika.    Kasulu is still our home away from home.   It’s been a couple of years since we were there due to Cathy’s health needs last year.    Now that she is doing well and is getting stronger, it will be a pleasure to make the trip again.    I’ve also have a lot of equipment to bring to Kasulu, which includes 20 Android tablets, a laptop or two and another new server.   They have two right now, one of them as a backup.  About a year ago, the primary server failed (which I believe is a power supply problem).   So they are running on the backup unit.   I’ll replace the failed unit and bring it home to get it repaired and then bring that that one eventually to Bishop Okullu College to use as a back for them.



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