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Jan 25 – On the Road

So finally I’m getting some time to write.  Actually, right now we are driving to Ramba to see a place where the British missionaries first setup their station in 1914. In the mean time, let me tell about some of what I’ve experienced in the last two days.   When I first arrived in Kisumu, I was met by Rev. David Kodia and this friend Ibrahim Odhiambo who is also a board member of the college.  Amongst other things we visited a small animal sanctuary in Kisumu along Lake Victoria.   I saw my first cheetah there.  Wow! They are a beautiful and elegant animal.   What was interesting was the view over the lake.  Rather than seeing water, it look like a lush green pasture of some type of green plant.  Apparently this plant is a weed that grows at an uncontrollable rate and actually flouts on the water.   As you can see in the picture, there is no open water in sight.   But interestingly enough, when the wind changes direction, it will all blow out and cover other areas on the lake.


Yesterday we visited Bishop Okullu College which is near the village of Kokise, about an hour away from Kisumu.  It is a rural area, so the local roads leading to the college are dirt roads.   The college is located on about 30 acres of land very close to the lake.   That’s helpful to be near the lake as it is very hot and dry there, but the breeze from the lake offers some welcome relief.  


At the college I met with two members of the board along with Prof. David and the school secretary.   We first toured around the  school and then looked at the current computer room and the old and failing equipment they have.  We next discussed the specifications of their computer and networking needs.   I gave them a description of two types of setups; traditional computer CPU stations (that is individual computers connected to a shared network with Internet access) and server / thin client networking.   We discussed the costs of both and in particular the cost and maintenance benefits of a server / thin client setup.   After meeting and speaking with the students, i next gave Prof. David and the Secretary a demostation of a thin client setup using my Macbook Air as the server (with a Windows 2016 Server VM running on it) and a Wyse thin client I brought with me.    Their needs definitely look like  they would be well satisfied with thin client technology with perhaps a few regular computer work stations for teaching about the computer technology itself.   We’ll have to see and decide on the best approach once I receive the full government sactioned computer technology course spec’s that they need to satisfy.


After visiting the adjoining high school we went to the Kodia’s residence which is in the nearby village of Bwaja.  We met up with his family who traveled their separately.   We had a relaxing evening together, sharing stories of our lives and our faith, along with listening to a selections of praise and worship songs I have on my iPhone.   


I have to say, I’ve been having a wonderful time here, enjoying the customary and overwelming East African hospitality.    


Jan 25th – Continued:


So today, we have been doing some more visiting of sites, people and places.   We started Ramba site that I mentioned about in the beginning of this post.   We then went to village of Kogelo where the grand mother of our now former president Obama lives. Her name is Mama Sara.   We briefly visited a pre-school that she has helped support.  Apparently she has been doing charitable work in the region for a very long time.  Long before her grandson became a US Senator.     We then went to her residence and visited with her for a short time.  


We are now traveling to Bondo to visit another school and a museum as well as having some lunch.   I’ll post more later to this page when we have completed our journey for today and have returned to Kisumu.


Until later, 





Jan 24 – @ Bishop Okullu College

OK.  I’m back to blogging.   As I mentioned in my “Rain Check” message, I was busy going here and there visiting people and places  yesterday and again today, so I’ve had little time to write.


It is night time now (11:15PM to be exact).  Yup, you guessed it.  I’m very tired and need to bathe and then go to bed.   I’ll just say this for now;  I’ve had a wonderful experience here in Kenya.   I can’t wait to pour it all out, but you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer before I tell you about it.    Hopefully I can wake up early tomorrow and start the process of telling the story.


Thanks to all of your prayers for my travels and visit here.   They have surely been answered.



Jan 24 – Rain Check….

Hello Dear friends.   Sorry I’ve not posted yet.  I’m putting in the rain check until a little later today so I give you a good report.  I’ve been SO busy here so I’ve not had a lot of time to sit down, reflect on it and write.   I will do so very soon.